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Keyboard Drawer

Looking for a way to add storage to your office space? check out our keyboard drawer under desk slide adjustable shelf tray for blacksilver! This perfect for those with a desk with a slide-able shelf. Plus, it can be customized to fit your needs!

plastic keyboard drawer

plastic keyboard drawer

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Keyboard Drawer Amazon

This keyboard drawer is for the office suites series of desk chairs. It is made of plastic and has a black finish. It can be used to store and house your keyboard and other important equipment. the keyboard drawer is a great way to keep your computer and papers organized and in one place. It is perfect for a underdesk or even a corner of your basement office suite. The silver finish is easy to maintain and is likely to last. The keyboard drawer has a few small pockets with clips to keep your computer keys in place. The drawer also has a space for holding a notepad or notepad software. The drawer is perfect for small spaces or any office where space is an important consideration. this keyboard drawer slides open to allow desk products to be pulled out and about as needed. The adjustable underdrawer makes it a perfect place to store supplies, ratio tvunit or even your always one to use. The tray can also be easily adjusted to fit any desk size. this keyboard drawer is for your fellowes office suites underdesk keyboard. Making it easy to move around. The drawer has two keyboard clips, as well as a keycap cover and a keycap. The keyboard drawer can be used to store or store your keys.