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Library Card Catalog Drawers

The library card catalog drawer is a great way to keep all your cards in one place! The dark antique oak finish is perfect for any room and the brass pulley is perfect for years of use. This drawersi. Com is also great for file cards and cards with a history.

Library Drawer Cabinet

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Library Card Drawers

This 6 drawer library cardcatalog wood file drawersi. Com is a must-have for any library. It comes with a drawers and a built-in counter, making it easy to track your library's books. The drawersi. Com is also stable and looks great with its woodgrain finish. this drawers is a great way to store all the cards for your campaign! The drawers are in great condition and are made of plastic. The catalogue card is still attached to the drawer. This drawers is a great addition to any campaign. this is a old library card catalog from the years 60-70 that is currently for sale on ebay. The catalog is for the gaylord vinten library card class of 1870. The drawer pulls are original and beware the new year's fireplace, the guides are in excellent condition with only a few smallspindles left in them. The pages are clean andhave many beautifully done, dark woodcut illustrations. Overlocker-making at the time made use of library cards and these drawers are a great addition to your collection. They are 18 7/8" wide x 7" deep x 2"backsplit. Sold as is, without use of var. this library card catalog drawersi. Com is a great way to store all of your library card cards! It is made from hardwood veneer with ambergia stone finish and features 30 drawers. It is a great addition to any room and perfect for storing your cards, labels, and other library card details.