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Self Closing Drawer Slides

Our full extension drawersi. Com drawer slides ball bearing soft closeunbuffered 100lb. Is the perfect addition to your ecommerce. This province-of-origin quality ball bearing soft close is perfect for storing your items, and is also great for closed drawer shopping. Our slides are made of durable materials and are a perfect addition to your ecommerce.

Self Closing Drawer Glides

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Self Closing Drawers

This product is a self closing drawers slide that is 10 to 24 high quality. It has a-helicopter-style blade on the top and bottom for protection. The slide is also made of brass-look-and- feel and is made to close quickly and easily. this soft close side-mounted ball bearing drawer slide is perfect for 12 to 24 michaels stores. It features a soft close closure, made of durable materials, and is made to be easy to move. The drawer slide is also made of plastic and is safe for wear and tear. these heavy-duty drawer slides with lock full extension (24-36) are perfect for closed positions, such as on a nightstand or shelf. The ball bearings provide durable and efficient movement and the 250lb force is enough to push upmarks and stabilize products. this 10-24 telescopic ball bearing drawer slides full extension side mount rails us pack includes 10 pack of 22" soft close drawer slides. They are 10-24 telescopic, meaning that they can be opened from the front or back, and have freehub and gear tooth count of 24. They have a smooth feel and a shallow depth of well less than 2mm. The sliding track is made of plastic and is turned from the front of the drawer to the back. It is turned in place of the traditional balls and wheels. The side mount rails are made of plastic and are turned from the back of the drawer to the front. They are also turned in place of the traditional balls and wheels.