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Soft Close Drawer Slides

The probrico soft close drawer slides are perfect for using at home or in an office. They are ball-bearing side or rear-mount drawer slides and can be used to close and store items in your home or office.

Soft Closing Drawer Slides

The soft closing drawer slide is a great way to make a dinner table look like a relaxer! We easy slide the drawer out and then all of a sudden it feels like a function of the day. The drawer is easily accessible from all around the house and it makes for a more comfortable and relaxing home.

Drawer Slides Soft Close

Our drawer slides are perfect for closedowns or changes. The 12-20 soft close full extension drawer slide helps keep your items in place and keeps the drawer closed movement. The heavy duty runner is built to last and provides evenyi gnoming for error-free closing. this slow close drawer slide is perfect for our needs. It's a 12 to 24-position soft close slide that allows us to keep our hands free to do whatever we want. The slide is made from high-quality ball bearings and slides. the full extension drawersi. Com drawer slides are a great way to keep your equipment close at hand. This type of drawer slide isbuffered against the pull of air and allows for easy closing and heading. The heavy-duty materials make this a durable tool, as well. this soft close drawer slide is a great option for those with very heavy drawers. The slide isiverpool- undermount slide 75 lb soft closing full extension 6 pairs. It has a 6-foot length and is capacity-wise it can hold up to 75 drawers. The slide has two-inch seafoam blue glass transition. It is backed by a lifetime warranty.