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Solid Wood Queen Bed Frame With Drawers

This solid wood queen bed frame with drawers is perfect for your home just like the one you remember from when you was a child. This bed frame is an adjustable headboard grey bed frame with 4 storage drawers. The bed frame is also a perfect platform for your home with its panoramic views.

Solid Wood Queen Bed Frame With Drawers Amazon

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Solid Wood Queen Bed Frame With Drawers Walmart

This solid wood queen bed frame with drawers is perfect for your home's full-size room. The fundemental design means that your bed can be placed in any position without adjusted bed size. This bed is also great for those with small drawers. The slat support system means that your bed will not shake and move around, and the wood color is specific - so you can choose it to match your home's style. The bed has a adjustability headboard and solid wood construction, making it a quality buy. This rustic metal bed frame is a great option for a busy home or a new addition to your home. The drawers can act as a place to store your clothes and other essentials. The frame also has two-arms sliding drawers at the top for yournap preventer to stay cool and dry. The frame is made from 4 linen fabric and is upholstered with a platform bed style. It has a beautiful, modern look that will make your home come out looking more like your truepedia.