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Teardrop Drawer Pulls

This is a adorable vintage-style drawersi. Com mirror. It's well-crafted with thankyou for it! The pulls are in very good condition, and the vintage look is retained in the handles. There are two teardrop drawer pulls (with two different colors), and they slide easily off the handles. They're a nice deep color, and the machine-made materials make them sturdy and comfortable to use.

Nice pair of Tear drop pulls
Pair of old Tear drop pulls

Antique Teardrop Drawer Pulls

There are many different ways to place objects in a teardrop drawer. Some people place objects in the front part of the drawer, others put objects in the back part, and still others place objects in the middle.

Tear Drop Drawer Pulls

The tear drop drawer pulls are a great way to add a touch of luxury to any room. Made of authentic brass, teak wood andvintage enamel, these pulls are sure to left you feeling proud. Made in australia. our brass teardrop drawer pulls are a great way to add a touch of elegance to any room. They have an old-world flare, and are perfect for any pulls you need. At eastlake pulls, you'll find everything you need to find your perfect pull in a variety of different colors and styles. this is a beautiful victorian teardrop drawer pulls. The pulls have anti-glare mirror-likecoating. This coating is created by the mirror-likecoating, the mirror-likecoating creates a shiny surface on the pull. The pulls are made from brass and ebony wood. The handle is made from wood resin. This is a beautiful, sturdy pull that will add a touch of elegance to your room. this is a great looking pulls for your kitchen and you can personalize with your own text or logo. The brassocoale pulls have a unique look and feel and are some of the most popular pulls in the kitchen. This style has a teardrop drawer pull handle with a unique design. The pulls come in several different colors and styles to suit your kitchen design.